Friday, April 2, 2010


Well, we made it through two hours of ABA this morning. No tantrums. Of course part of therapy involved jumping on a trampoline, sliding and riding in a wagon. This afternoon she had a fit during her OT but by that time she was exhausted and her little nose was running. I'm hoping she's just not used to the routine yet. 

I checked on my writing, i'm 32 articles into the 320 I wanted. This weekends Easter, we're doing eggs for the baby. She doesn't understand Easter but she likes to bang the eggs together and spike them like footballs. I'm hoping to get some work done tomorrow at some point and give the baby a little break from therapy or structured therapy by letting by go outside for a few hours on the beautiful weekend coming up. If it's not as beautiful as it's supposed to be I'm gonna have a very long week.

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