Thursday, April 1, 2010

Has Another Week Passed Already?

With therapy three days a week and Theresa going to preschool two days a week it goes by a lot faster now. While one of those days she goes to school and therapy it still makes the entire week go extremely fast. It's almost as if there is never any time with her. Maybe trying to work, participate in therapy and spend time with Theresa means that work has to come last. 

Theresa has discovered that she likes to clean. She wipes up spills and even attempts to sweep up the floors. She tries to mop too. I'm thinking of investing in all plastic dishes so that she can continue to put dishes in the sink since she can't actually reach it and pushes the dishes over the side. 

Tomorrow will be a long day and she'll be so tired she'll probably fall asleep without dinner. We have one more family weekend then hubby will begin a new job. No weekend work! The best part is that he can still go to the doctor and therapy with us. Oh, well more time together and maybe the hectic schedule will be settled into soon. 

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