Thursday, April 22, 2010

Sounding Like a Lunatic

So far today there haven't been any major disasters. I've spent the last few days writing at AC. My profile page is starting to show more and more articles. I realized that in the almost three years since I began posting articles there I haven't done very much. So I decided that while I was improving on other articles I'd take the time to put some up there.

As I get everything I need together for financial assistance with the $440 a month ABA therapy that has been so helpful to Theresa I realize that once again it's time to reevaluate the budget. Somehow it seems to have taken on a life of its own without me. This is gonna be fun, while I'm filling out Theresa's stuff I guess I can get everything together for the rest of us to get check-ups and eye exams to make life around here a little bit easier.

I've finally figured out that I need a new appointment book that can hold stuff. My day is so confusing. I used to have highlighters to show what each event was but now it's hard to find a bottle of white out to change events in the calendar as they change. Oh well, one day soon I'll have my sense back. 

I noticed that toward the end of the day I begin getting more and more confused. Here's hoping it's just all that I have to do and not anything more serious. I've made the promise to myself to get more rest from now on so that I can figure out if I'm more productive with uninterrupted sleep. 

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