Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Interesting Day

Well, the morning started without turning on my computer but I did turn on the coffee pot. The city was doing upgrades and the power outages for 15 streets were supposed to begin at 8a.m. I got up before 6 this morning and turned the coffee pot on. I even ran my bath water so I'd be able to get into the tub before they turned the power off. We made two pitchers of tea last night to prepare since there was wouldn't be anything to drink if we didn't.

Well, I turned my surge protectors off so that there wasn't any power to the items plugged into them, turned the air conditioning off and opened a few windows to prepare. I drank most of my pot of coffee and took my bath. I left the water that I had ran in the tub. The reason? I have a well so without power I'm without water to do things like flush the toilet. I ran some water in two of my sinks so I could wash my hands and made sure that my teeth were brushed.

Well, I sat patiently waiting for the power to go off. At about 8 this morning my power went off for all of five minutes. Oh well, I got a lot of writing done before I tried to go to work and this was one of the most relaxing days I've had in a while. I finally turned the television on for the baby, my computer on for me and watched as the little one decided to go in the other room to pick out her own cartoons. Oh well, she's three and she likes cartoons that teach.

What I did not do was let the water out of the tub, it still got used to flush the toilet until just a few minutes ago. There was still enough to flush it a few more times when I let it out of the tub but I don't think I can tote it in the middle of the night to keep the bucket full that I had to sit in the other tub. You see through some joke of the universe between the two bathrooms in the house I have one that's fully functional. Nice huh? One day I'll get around to fixing the cracked bathtub so that it supports people and replacing the commode that doesn't work.....just as soon as I can afford an actual plumber because I can't life a toilet or bathtub.

Well, we spent the morning with power although the air stayed off most of the day until it reached almost 90 degrees in the house. About mid morning there was a nice surprise the cable went out which means I lost my Internet. So we tried to find something to do. Theresa was hyper and wore herself out so I put her down for a nap. I rolled some pennies while hubby played a video game. Then I took a nap. Well, that's about as boring as the day gets but it was rather restful. Goodnight all.

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