Thursday, October 14, 2010

Thursday again??

Hard to believe that it's Thursday again. My days run together because of all the appointments that we have each week. We didn't have any until today and hubby took Theresa. When he got home I had to call about the rescheduling of next week that they did. They were going to move her to 11a.m. which would have ended the appointment at 11:45 meaning that I would have to find something to do with her until her 1:30 speech or bring her all the way home to turn around and leave again. Getting out at 11:45 would put us home at 12:15 and we'd have to leave again at 1:00 to avoid being late. That's two trips across town which I can't afford. Well, they couldn't find another day that would work so it was changed back to the 12:30 so it'll let out at 1:15. That leaves me fifteen minutes to get her to her next appointment.

Tomorrow we only have ABA which starts at 10am and ends at 11:45 so the therapist can organize her data. Last week I had to go twice in the morning for speech and then back in the afternoon. I'm wondering if the people that rearrange appointments ever think of the finances of those that they're changing appointments for.

I'm beginning to hate children's songs. I'm glad that Theresa is learning the words to the songs but I do wish she didn't like them so much. She's been singing "Row Row Row your boat" repeatedly. At the moment I'd be eating a bowl of chili with half done beans because Hubby refused to start them before he put everything else in. I think I'm going to pour it in the crock pot so it'll be done in the morning. I'm starving so I'll eat it anyway. Well, it's time to go search for jobs and try to start an article again.

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