Saturday, October 30, 2010

Single Mom Again

Well, marriage number three is over. I’m on the way to being a single mom once again. This time to an Autistic toddler that needs extensive therapy and constant supervision. To think I was in such a good mood yesterday. The day was going great then something changed and I got tired of always having my plans ruined.

The last few years have been difficult somehow we always managed to make it through. You’d think that surviving an Autism diagnosis for your child, two years of unemployment and various ups and downs as income decreased and bills increased would make you stronger. When you think that things can’t get any worse they do.

Even the best of intentions can cause pain when things are done without paying attention to what’s going on. Sometimes the things that you consider to be helpful are the most harmful when you haven’t been listening. The worse part is that it all could have been avoided with a little attention to detail. I know I’m self absorbed but I do pay attention to what other people say. I don’t require a lot of attention but I do require you to listen to important matters such as how we keep a roof over our heads and food on our table.

Little things can upset the budget and throw you out of wack when it comes to having a budget so tight you’re lucky to have money left half way through the month. I have enough to occupy my time without worrying that the lights will be cut off because of stupidity.

Once again this is going to be continued later because it’s getting way too long. That and I’m tired of listening to my own thoughts run around in my head. Guess, I need a new blog since the name here doesn't really fit anymore.

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