Sunday, October 10, 2010

Peaceful Sunday

Today was rather peaceful. I wrote six articles made the Helium homepage with an article about Manatees which makes for a rather productive day. I even went to the store to get a few things to last up until Friday and a couple that will last until the end of the month.

I made a large batch of laundry detergent today. The five gallon bucket that I made is setting now and should last until this time next month at least. I still have everything to make the next batch except for the soap that I prefer to use. A bar of Colgate is 55 cents, or I can get a couple bars of Zote to use. Of course they say you can use bath soap. The batch today had half a bar of Zote, 3/4 a bar of Colgate and a couple scraps of irish spring. I love the way Irish Spring smells.

While I was out I saw the finger paints I want to get Theresa for Christmas because she loves to paint. I also saw a craft desk with crayons, paints, sponges and paper. She'll adore it. I bought a pack of pull ups with 58 in it for $17.97, I'm not sure but I think that I could have bought two packs cheaper. I have noticed these work better and fit better than other brands so the dollar is one I'll eat.

All and all this was a peaceful Sunday. I even wasted a little time playing games.

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