Friday, October 29, 2010

To Be Continued

I have been up since just before six this morning. Right now I have three windows open to write in and one open to blog in. I was reading an article on how to write multiple articles in a short amount of time and that was one of the tips mentioned. I’ve always managed to write numerous articles when I had no choice but to write multiple articles at one time that was a foreign matter all together. Anyway I decided to give it a try. 

Well, I got a blog post written at Sidetick about working and wanting to work than ever lately. I was reading an article by Lyn Lomasi on writing multiple articles in a short time span and thought I’d try some of the things she suggested. So far the tips are working well enough I’ll be referring back to that specific article repeatedly. Right now I’m wishing that I had more than one computer to work on because my screen isn’t big enough and my memory won’ t allow me to use more than four windows at once without locking up my computer.

I did the blog post until I was finished because I was actually into it. Now I’m working on this which will be posted on my blog when I’m done while I write a review of a website and take notes on an article that I outlined. So far this is a rather productive morning. I updated my checkbook in the middle of all this and paid hubby’s phone bill so his phone wouldn’t shut off! I even figured out that he can get a hair cut today. Now to figure out the child support he owes.

I have a feeling that I’m not going to like the answer since we’ve barely been covering the bills the last few months. The good news is that it can be caught up, his ex-wife is rather understanding about it because she knows that she’ll get it eventually. I think it’ll be the 1st before we can even pay a week, I know it’ll be the first before I can replace the bottle of Complete Formula that Theresa needs. It’s only $35 and I don’t have it because we had extra bills last month. I have to figure out how to come up with it and at least a 4oz bottle of fish oil for her.

Theresa diet is getting cheaper but I need to make an appointment to go over her diet again. Lately she’s been getting things she’s not supposed to have without behavioral issues (at least not extreme issues) so I’m wondering if her gut is healing or if she’s just on so many supplements that it’s not affecting her as much.

Since it’s Halloween I decided to let her have whatever she wants this weekend. We’ll see how it goes.

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