Friday, May 14, 2010

Distracting Myself from Being Offended

It's nice to know that as far as we've come in the world ignorance is still bountiful. Discrimination and prejudice still run rampant. I can't help but wonder why when you have no choice but to spend money out of your pocket without any help everyone tries to sell you everything but if you have some help to cut down on your costs they do everything possible to give you the minimum. There isn't even the question of whether or not you want the entire amount of whatever they just assume that you can't afford even the smallest difference in the cost.

I can't help but wonder if everyone/company in the world that offended someone by showing their own ignorance had to give that person at least half of there annual income if it would become less common?? While not ideal it would be nice just once to watch these snotty people that seem to assume (you know what they make of themselves) when your income leaves your senses leave have there income leave. Wonder how they would like to be treated as if they're stupid, or too far down the food chain to care about? 

Perhaps it would have been better had my senses left when my income began declining. That way at least I wouldn't be smart enough to know when I should be offended. 

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