Thursday, May 20, 2010

Resting While Everyone Sleeps

My husband and my daughter are both napping quietly and not so quietly right now. Not in that order either. I just realized that I sent my child to school Monday without her snack. I know years from now she'll be on a therapist's couch telling them how that scarred her for life.

In a few minutes I should here my husband's alarm clock go off so he can go to work. I doubt I will he's become accustomed to me waking him on the days that's too tired to remember to set his alarm. I think he needs to see a doctor or go to bed earlier at night. Imagine if he had to work the entire day through. Maybe it's just the adjustment of going back to work after a year and a half. Of course it could be knowing that he's gonna have to work two jobs to come up with the income of one and that the summer is a time he has off. 

I did three loads of laundry and baked cookies. I put a roast in the crock pot this morning and I'm going to heat some sides to go with it tonight. Another reason I'm cutting back for the summer. I'm tired of preaching to a choir that's not listening. There will be no more wasted food just because "I don't feel like that', or "I'm gonna run to the store". We are effectively broke at the moment and well you're  over 40. Grow up. 

It is time to bring everyone to the same page. You get what you can afford if you don't want to end up doing without all together. 

Well, my resting time is almost over so I'm going to enjoy a nice peaceful glass of tea and my favorite book for a moment before I go back to work.

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