Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I actually took a nap.

We went to speech this morning and I got to see Theresa write her letters at the end of the session. She even sat still to look at a book with Ms. Nicole. Theresa is back to lining things up again, she missed her noon supplement, I think. Oh well I can add it to tonight, What I can't add tonight is an extra dose of Ibuprofen. She's still napping, my nap was over an hour ago.

We have to be at the school at 9:45 in the morning with her in uniform for the end of year program. Tomorrow afternoon we go to Spectrum. Then Friday we have ABA. We don' t have anywhere to go in the afternoons. 

I get to make a nice long list of things to do in the house and out so that I can finish them. I have to figure out where to put my tomato plant, and one day maybe my husband will understand that a stake and a string will work fine for holding it up.

OK back to housekeeping and eventually I'll find something to write about until I'll continue to ramble on about everything else.

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