Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Not So Good with Keeping Up

So far I'm not so good at keeping everything up dated each day. The other day Theresa walked up to me and said "I got to tell you something" then she walked away silent. Oh well it's a start. The pronoun is something I've waited for ever to hear. I'm proud to announce that she has the attention span of a three year old! She's even making messes, funny parents around the world yell at kids to stop with the messes and I beg mine to make them.

OK I may have an extended deadline by two days if I take an extra 37 articles. That'll work, it'll give me just enough time to catch up from today and finish on time.

Theresa's labs are back but they're  in her pediatricians truck. He got called out on an emergency in the middle of the night so we'll wait since it couldn't be avoided.

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