Monday, May 17, 2010

Family Shopping Isn't All It's Cracked Up to Be

OK the day is going nicely so far. I haven't gotten too much done but that's OK too. I did a load of laundry and hung it out under the clouds that are nearly gone now. I got the baby ready for school, picked some blackberries and did a few dishes. I haven't managed to get the floor cleaned yet though. Oh well.

Last night we went to Wal-mart as a family. We had to get a few things and they have a grocery department, one store, one trip, most needs met. Despite all the advertising they don't have the lowest prices on everything. Anyway as a result I 'm still trying to figure out the difference in the $15 and nearly $30 bottles of Acetyl L-Carnitine the drugs stores and doctors sell and the $8 bottle at wal-mart that doesn't have anything in it that Theresa can't have. Now to find compatible supplements to the rest. Why doesn't every vitamin, mineral, etcetera maker all make allergy free version of their products without dyes.

Now I know why I worry every time I send my husband to the grocery store. He pointed out that by himself he can be in and out in thirty minutes. He neglected to mention that he has a number of extremely high sodium foods that reek havoc on his high blood pressure and that one of his trips can blow my grocery budget for the entire month. He was a little irritable that my daughter and I spent ten minutes talking about potato chips and another five looking at a display of Clorox because she screamed "Corox" as we were going by it. OK so she still needs a little help getting the letters in the words.

My darling husband has a habit of picking up food without noticing the price or even what's in it. That bothers me, he also has a nice habit of complaining you're taking too long while standing directly in front of the buggy with his hand on it so you can't move.

That would be why I try to go to the store with just Theresa. When daddy's home to go I leave Theresa home so I don't have to take daddy. Is that bad? I really wasn't prepared to raise what is now a 42 year old man. I thought once my kids were grown my job was done.

This morning looking around at my own piece of isolation it's all worth it.

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