Friday, May 28, 2010

It was Friday again.

I did two hours with Theresa and her ABA therapist today. Theresa did good and so did I. We went to the pharmacy to pick up her fish oil afterward and she only tried to grab the candy at the counter a few dozen times.

She took a nap this afternoon while I went to get her some play-doh and paint. She requested very well for both of them! By the color and with the right words. She's responding to "give me five" with the proper motivation. Now she gets to do four fun things for one task.

I even managed to get one article written today. That's good but I have to increase my summer work load now. I can't do anything with deadlines during the summer but that's OK too. I'll just have to write more of my own stuff instead of what other people want me to write for them as a ghostwriter. I'm going to have fun figuring this out.

We have an appointment with the dietitian in a week to go over the new changes to her diet to heal her gut. OK it's time for bed and I've got to do a couple things before I can call it a day.

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