Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Just Talking about My Morning.

Theresa is dressed and ready to go to school. The end of year program is this morning. Theresa is dressed and ready to go. Daddy's not going. Why am I no surprised? Oh well, it's his loss. 

This afternoon we get to go to the financial aid meeting at Spectrum. Theresa's ABA has new guidelines, now there are classes that you have to attend. While they may be helpful I have a feeling that there will be too many a month that I have to make to get any work done. Yes I am the one that has to go. I take care of everything or it doesn't get taken care of. 

I used to wonder exactly how many times I'd have to explain the bills before it sunk in. I finally gave up and began taking care of everything budget related myself. 

I think I'll do an editorial about the stresses of taking care of the budget alone when you have others spending money that don't understand the term budget.

On the bright side my separate savings account is in tact even after the extended period of unemployment in this house.

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