Sunday, May 16, 2010

It's The First Day of My Vacation

Lovely I've got a whole $18.33 in my change jar. It's not even half full yet, but it sure is talking a long time to fill up. It seems I don't spend nearly enough cash and it seems I have been neglecting to have the odd amounts transfered into savings each week. I've got to get back on track.

So far this morning Theresa had a bowl of cereal, her morning supplements, some pretzels and a little bit of her hot dogs for lunch.

What have I done? I washed a load of blue jeans so we'd have something to wear tomorrow. I baked some cookies for Theresa. So far she seems to like them, I know she liked licking the bowl for the mix. I managed to clean part of my kitchen floor and start my shopping list. Update my working blog at Helium. Still not sure why I have two but I do.

Still left to do? Pay two weeks worth of child support or is it one? The amount of money in my checking account will determine if we're getting another week ahead or staying on track.

The shopping and a bottle of Acetyl L Carnitine and some Zinc for Theresa are also gonna be fit in. The Acetyl is approximately $26 and the Zinc is $13. A large bottle of zinc would work better, last longer and cost less than buying two bottles but the pharmacy doesn't carry the larger bottle. The zinc can wait but I have to find a version of the other she can take since she's out of it all together.

OK back to my life and focusing on my own projects. Once I get everything in order I bet I can find time to do a number of my own projects around therapy during the summer and still get Theresa involved with me.

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