Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Plans for the Week

The summer's here. So far we've had one speech therapy appointment this week. Today's was cancelled because of an appointment for the therapist's son. Tomorrow we have to see the school speech therapist and then the OT. 

Friday we meet with the nutritionist and then go to ABA for two hours. We'll have two follow ups with the nutritionist while we figure out what she's eating and what she's tolerating. I'll spend the following two hours in ABA with her. She's starting to respond more. 

She's made enough progress that home therapy is more organized. We only have a half hour of table time though. She won't sit at it any longer when she's at home too many distractions we have to get rid of. We're working on it. She'll sit on the couch and do her flash cards, quickly because they bore her.

OK time to improve some past articles and write a few new ones since the summer isn't going to be a complete vacation like I wanted. 

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