Friday, June 4, 2010

Back to Basics

OK there was no ABA today. Sarah (therapist) had a sick child. We did do an hour with the nutritionist. I even scheduled another visit in one month. I have questions still, I'm hoping that the next time Theresa won't destroy the list.

I just realized I can not find the list of things that she was sensitive to. I'm going to try bananas in her bread in place of eggs, maybe. I have to find a different substitute in the meantime of things that can be used. Can't go get groceries yet. 

The easiest way to find her sensitivity is go back to basic. She can have meat, vegetables and fruit. That is as long as it's not an orange. I'll be keeping a food diary for her for a few weeks. I'll be giving the sheets to the nutritionists once a week or so until the appointment so that she can look over them and find a pattern. 

The worst part is that a rotation diet may not work for Theresa. There is no way to be sure until we do it. The best part is that she'll have healthy eating habits. 

Well, the laundry is going to be done soon and I need to get an article written before it finishes. That's part of the joy of working at home.

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