Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Still Confused

OK I did my time in the first of four mandatory ABA driven "parenting" classes and now that it's all over I'm confused. At least I have the sheets that they use to do the data collection on, so I can look it up. I'll get less confused that way. I wonder what the rest of them are going to cover. There are six classes total only four are required.

I managed to get one article written today. Tomorrow and Thursday we have speech, Thursday afternoon we have OT. Friday we have a two hour ABA session which will make a total of four hours ABA this week. It also means that we left the house five days to go to structured therapy. I have to find her scissors before Thursday so that I know she's using them in OT. Then the therapist can see how far she is with those so they know when to take the step to the next pair. Besides Theresa has small hands.

OK well, it's after midnight and sleeping in is a luxury that I don't have so I guess I better end this post.

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