Friday, June 18, 2010

Friday Again Wrapping Up the Week

We're getting ready to leave for therapy. So far I've managed to get myself ready except for my shoes, give Theresa breakfast, drink a cup of coffee and do a load of laundry. It's supposed to be in the nineties with a slight chance for rain today so my clothes are in the extra bedroom. The one room in the house where everything I can't figure out where to put gets shoved until I figure out where to put it or get rid of it. 

I'm hoping that today's session will go well. Theresa is out of butter and we need a bag of rice so I'm going to stop and get her some. Actually she has butter sticks and the rice can wait so I may just let it go until we get to the night that I want to have chicken and rice. The idea to cook as little as possible in this heat. 

Oh well, I have an hour to get Theresa ready and be at therapy. I'm running behind I usually manage to get a little bit of work done before we go. This morning it wasn't meant to be but that's OK too. I'll just stay up after everyone goes to bed to finish up tonight. I have a feeling that everything is going to work itself out anyway.

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