Friday, June 11, 2010

More Progress than I Thought

OK we did ABA today. I watched as Theresa exhausted from a full week complied with every request. She got to play for an hour after since she did so good. I talked to the therapist about her goals. There are a lot that haven't been filled in because they haven't had time to assess them while they tried to increase her speech. Now she can move on and I can use some of the things in her book to get her to talk for me. Puzzles and letters she likes I can use those to get her to talk.

When we got home she had a small tantrum before she ran over to the couch and went to sleep. Now she's up, she's talking and she's upset. Her "snack" is not what she wanted it would seem. If she wants something different she has to say it.

In another week we should have the forms I mailed off today back. I signed it and my husband was actually supposed to sign it. So now I have to wait until they send it back and take it back all over again. OH well, next time I'll pay attention before I seal the envelope so I don't have to wait until I mail it off to figure out I got it wrong.

Now it's time hopefully to get a little bit of work done and some laundry. Not so thrilled at having to do the last part.

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