Friday, June 25, 2010

Day 1 for Organization and Earnings Experiment

OK it's day one of the new earnings and organization experiment. So far I managed to oversleep. I did get some articles posted at wikinut ( today. I rated some at Helium, then I posted some articles to Associated Content. I still haven't managed to do but maybe one leap frog at Helium today. 

I had the day planned out so that after therapy Theresa and I went to the pharmacy, then to the grocery store. Well, we managed to pharmacy to get her multivitamin. $16 for a bottle that lasts two months which came to $17.44 with tax. So that bottle is $8 a month before tax and $8.72 a month after tax is added. That's for the capsules that I can take apart and dissolve in her juice, the chew-ables are only $14 before tax but they're more difficult to get in her. The difficulty results in her missing doses that she doesn't need to miss. Now that I've got that supplement cost figured out it's time to figure out the rest of them.

The grocery store didn't go as well. We pulled in and I realized that while I had been able to pay the pharmacy I didn't have the money on me to get what we need from the grocery store. So we came home to try again later. Theresa had lunch and now she's pretending to take a nap. That's OK she'll be in a good mood when I go to get her up. When it cools off some I can go get her stuff to take with her this Sunday. 

She's going to a birthday party and I have to take her something to eat because of the food sensitivities she has. I'm still rearranging the grocery budget to get it to a decent amount each month because of the ridiculous price of her food. Tomorrow we go to pick up the allergy free foods that we special ordered for her because it was cheaper than buying them in the grocery store.

I managed a load of laundry this morning that hubby hung up for me. Now I'm going to do some article posting, leapfrogging and then it's off to make room for my small dish pan to hand wash a couple things I don't want to risk tearing up in the washing machine. 

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