Thursday, June 10, 2010

Exhausted and Not Done Yet

I'm exhausted. We've had therapy every day this week and have one more day to go. I'm truly tired of having to get up and leave the house. This week we had an additional ABA session Monday. We had our three regular speech sessions and on occupational therapy session too. Now we have one more day of ABA tomorrow on our regular day. Two long hours of watching and hoping they aren't allowing her to do anything I don't want her to do. All the behaviors that I wanted to stop stopped when she began therapy and started learning how to speak. It took 2 1/2 long years to get the dangerous behaviors to stop I really don't want them to restart as she learns to be more independent.

I haven't got enough work done this month but some is better than none. I'm still adjusting to the summer schedule and not having any time that I can actually sit down to work without any interruptions. The summer vacation is only two months and I have no idea which class Theresa will be in. I have her IEP somewhere, she's been rearranging so I can't find it or anything else since she started.

I'm hoping to get everything back into my desk this weekend. OK time to pretend that I'm not too tired to get some work done.

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