Monday, June 21, 2010

Rambling On Today

Well, today was the beginning of a new week for working. The weekend was dedicated to some rest not much but some. I've managed one new article and one rewritten article for new to post as part of work today. Theresa hasn't done much but be a kid today.

My darling hubby went to get an estimate on his car door where someone hit it yesterday. Their insurance better pay for the damage, he was parked with the car off when they drove into it. He went to fill out an application for a job to go with his part time job which starts back in August. My writing income is dwindling as a direct of result of still taking care of everything even though he has two months off. He's getting out of the house even if he was to work two jobs. Too much togetherness is bad for you.

I've managed to figure out so far that next month's income should be just enough to cover the bills, buy food and nothing else. I refuse to walk to therapy and I don't ride well with others. Well, it's time to go back to work so I guess that I'll stop complaining and go back to work to help cover more than those two things. I've still got to get an estimate on getting the air conditioning in my truck fixed, if it were winter I'd have more time the heat works great.

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