Saturday, June 19, 2010

Saturday Again and Nothing Done Yet

I don't know why but on Saturday I seem to start the day late every weekend. I guess it's because I need a morning to recover the week that just passed and all the trips to therapy. I should be working or cleaning out my truck to make room for taking the recycling off but it's rather hot outside right now and it's only 11am. I have a feeling this summer is going to be rough on the light bill. I may just go outside long enough to get the measuring tape and find out how much film I need for the windows to keep the sun out.

I'd plant some trees around the house but there are two many repairs to be done or it might just have to be replaced and the trees would have to be cut down to move something in. If I had the money to do the repairs I'd have the money to replace the entire thing in the state that it's in. When things get to a certain point it makes more sense to replace them if you can find something cheaper. I may end up with a used home and have to spend money for a foundation but that would be cheaper than replacing the roof and all of the cracked/broken windows and the flooring that is starting to buckle. Never mind the fact that the carpet is so old it wrinkles I need a new carpet cleaner, it'd look better until something is done about it at least.

OK time to go back to work and fit in some cleaning that no one else seems to want to do while I work. I think I have less than a week to finish writing at least fifty more articles or more. I'm so tired I could scream. Back to work, we've still got to fit in table time for the baby.

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