Saturday, June 26, 2010

Day 2 for Organization and Earnings

Day 2 started out by over sleeping until a little after 8 am. Yeah that's late for summer when you have a small child and work to do. I still haven't managed to get to work yet. I have managed to get all but one towel folded and put away because for some reason that one towel wasn't dry. I have another load of clothes soaking right now to make sure the stains are out of them. I just love how food ends up all over clothes no matter how careful the kids are.

I managed to get a nice cold bath because it's already hot outside. I had to take a cold bath, I made Theresa a yellow cake using bananas and put pineapple on it. She likes it, I think it could use a little cinnamon. I made us an angel food cake. It turned out rather interesting, guess next time I'll actually use the mixer instead of a wisk to bring the eggs to peaks. I used to have a manual mixer that I loved. I could actually mix things without wearing half the batter. I'm not really into electric gadgets in the kitchen. I have an electric can opener because it's the only one that doesn't get lost and a small food processor because I lost the little hand grinder. The little grinder only did a cup at a time but that's all that I need.

My writing percentage at Helium is going up slowly. That's good but I have to do more ratings, my fifth rating star is in danger from lack of enough ratings. The more I write the more I rate but my writing percentage has to be closely monitored. I can't afford to drop back to four stars right now.

OK my floor should be dry so I can go refill my coffee. I made Kool-aid this morning, at 10 cents a pack it's still cheaper than tea and I don't use as much sugar in it. I still haven't gotten a water bottle to stick in the fridge so I don't have to turn the faucet on every time I want a glass. I have a water filter with flavor cartridges on my kitchen sink. I don't like plain water and buying bottled water makes me feel guilty, besides I prefer non-carbonated water.

OK it's really time for work; hopefully I won't have to play catch-up at the end of the month this time.

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