Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Learning in Real Life Situations

Theresa did great in speech yesterday. We went to the store yesterday afternoon and she had fun. We started at Winn-Dixie we wandered around the store for nearly two hours and only had two bags. She saw a Sponge Bob balloon and yelled "Sponge Bob Square Pants!'. I told her that I'd take her back later to visit sponge bob. She asked for a drink that I forgot to get so all the way to the next store she kept repeating "drink." When we got to the next store she was kind of upset at me.

Well, we walked around that store for about an hour and she was rather happy with her sprite when we left. As soon as I got her out of the cart to go to the car she said "Let's go home." I asked "you want to go home? she repeated "let's go home."

Last night she brought me a canister that looked like the one her paints are kept in saying "paint" I asked "do you want to paint? She answered, "YES"

My baby is learning how to have a conversation. I'm so happy that I could scream. Well, in about a half hour we need to leave for her daily speech therapy. We have an excuse to go back to the store today, after all we didn't get everything that we needed. She's rather vocal and when she says it's time to go home then it really is. We still need cat food, baby wipes, q-tips and some meat to complete a few meals. We have vegetables but only chicken to go with it. We have three meals of chicken which gets rather boring if you eat it three days in a row.

The family is starting to reject leftovers so we're looking for alternatives that don't require the oven with the heat in the low hundreds.

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