Sunday, June 20, 2010

It's Father's Day and Not Very Productive for Me

It's Father's Day so hubby just left to go see his dad. Theresa is here with me, she was still napping when he left, right now she's having pretzels as her after nap snack.

So far today I've managed to do a load of laundry, some dishes, make tea and write maybe two articles. Thursday is the last day I have to come up with all the money need to cover the expenses we have next month without touching my savings account. It's sadly not enough for a month's worth of expenses thanks to the extended amount of time that hubby was out of work and all those things that just happened to pop up during the time that he was unemployed. Funny how things that can wait only happen when you can afford them to but those things that can't only happen when you're nearly broke.

I seem to be the only one that understands the consequences of the upcoming month and the decline in income no matter how temporary it is. The first part of August school starts back and hubby will be back at work part time, he's still got to find some full time work or another part time job to go with it. I've got to figure out how to fit in more writing time in the middle of all the therapy sessions we have. Theresa has to have therapy and constant learning opportunities at home as well. This is going to be a rather interesting month. Thankfully all the bills are paid for this month, I think .

I still haven't figured in the co-pay for ABA correctly it's $6 a week since that two hour session counts as two. I'm wondering about the gas to get there it's getting to be rather expensive to have to go all the way out there three times a week, and farther once a week. I'm wondering if we can't start doing speech before or after ABA again. That way I'd cut out one trip a week. The day that kills us is when we have to go to the school in the morning and then all the way to Children's Rehab and Therapy Services that afternoon after having to come all the way home. No one thinks about the cost of travel when they make appointments.

OK it's time to try and get some work done. It's 93 degrees out and all I want to do is soak in some cold water. Back to work now.

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