Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Tuesday Again

Tuesday always feels like Monday for some reason. It could be because we went from having Monday therapy then school to just having Tuesday speech to start the week. I've been up for an hour and so far nothing is done. I decided to ramble here and focus on work on a separate blog, that way I'm not confusing myself.

We have to be in therapy in one hour. So far Theresa has picked at her breakfast and she's not even dressed yet. She still has to have her supplements before we can dress her. She finally learned that she can spit.

On the bright side spraying my hair with my pink and leaving it a few minutes before I washed it helped my hair. It tends to dry out during the summer and feel like straw if I don't do something to condition it everyday or spray it with the sheen. It works out better to use the sheen, I don't need conditioner with it (I'm the only one in the house that uses a separate bottle) and washing it doesn't take as long. I can leave it down with the pink.

I managed to get a good bit of grass cut yesterday and there's still enough gas in the lawnmower to get most of the side I stopped on done. That easy walk was one of the best investments I ever made. I was looking at reel mowers but I'd need one at least 2 feet wide and I'd be the only one to ever use it. Even at 2 feet wide it'd only be used to do right around the house since there's approximately three acres to mow and it gets up to the high nineties early. So instead we have an old riding mower (much smaller than the one I used to have) that was given to us when the last one tore up and the easy walk. I love the easy walk just squeeze the lever and keep up.

I may still get the reel mower to keep the very front and back down. That way I could get under the trees better and not have to worry about the other one getting hung on something.

I did some math for the magic jack, after the device with a year of service included I'd average $34 a month to have a home phone and two cell phones. That's with leaving hubby's like it is for work and stuff, then reducing my phone plan to an automatic top up of $15 every three months for emergencies since that time adds up. The problem using up all the minutes on my cell phone so I can turn off the rollover option and change it to the $15 every three month auto top up. Then I'd have to change the contact number on everything.

Of course I have to make sure they have a local number for my city. With the majority of my calls being incoming I need a number that everyone can call. I love the idea of being able to call anywhere in the country (I can now on the cell phone) without worrying about the minutes that I'm using. Of course I have some built up but if I change the plan before I use them then I lose them.

OK time to finish up and get a couple things done before we leave I have a couple of things to do real quick.

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