Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Wednesday and Planning for the Weekend Already

It's only Wednesday and we're planning for the weekend already. Theresa is going to a birthday party on Sunday afternoon. I managed to get the gift today, still have to wrap it. That'll take about five maybe ten minutes. I still have to find time to go to the grocery store and get her something that she can have without trying to eat what everyone else is having.

An alternative to the cake is her special cake, alternative to the pizza is a little bit more difficult. I'm thinking pepperoni and something but I can't come up with anything. She can have coke, I think she can still have coke.

It's 93 out and I'm exhausted but hubby had to go somewhere so I'm up instead of taking a nap. I've been rewriting articles and posting at other places to expand my earnings potential. So far it's going so-so. Oh well, I just so an article that I can write to. In another twenty minutes I'll get Theresa out of bed, she'll have been pretending to take a nap long enough. I want her dressed and ready in case we have to leave. I still have to check and see if there is anything in the kitchen for her to eat already cooked.

OK one article, get Theresa up, put clothes away and wash another load. Then maybe get more work done and take a look at houses. I want my feet on the ground, this trailer is beginning to fall apart and shakes when it thunders. I"m not real fond of that never mind the fact that it's up off the ground a bit on blocks.

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