Thursday, June 17, 2010

It's Almost Friday

Well, it's nearly Friday and there's a chance of rain and thunderstorms all weekend long. I personally think the one we had yesterday will do for me until sometime in 2011.

We had speech at the school this morning. I still haven't been able to get Theresa to sit still long enough to go over the worksheet that they did last week and now I have a new one. I wonder if I make a copy of the picture and let her color it if she'll go over it with me willingly more than once. She's taking a nap right now because she had Occupational therapy this afternoon as well. She did good.

It's currently 95 degrees and partly cloudy here. I can't tell from the radar if the rain below us is coming toward us are staying put. It's supposed to be down to 77 tonight with a 30% chance of rain. Tomorrows high is supposed to be 97. I'm gonna have to get up at 4 in the morning to get my coffee and get something done in my yards with this heat and the storms they expect. Of course watching the weather channel I'm kind of glad I don't live anywhere else they just showed a rather large tornado.

Right now they're showing footage from yesterday where there were multiple tornadoes close together. They just mentioned us which is kind of bad for us. Did I mention I have no where safe to go in a storm? The only place I can go is to a store or restaurant like the Waffle House that is open twenty-four hours a day to get away from the weather. I want a basement, I also want to be sure it won't flood.

Did I mention that I can't stand driving in the rain around here. Seriously, during heavy downpours with large pools of water in the running across road ways and rain falling so hard you can't see the road in front of you these people speed up and go around you in the water.

The oil spill has put tar boils on Okaloosa Island. The beach is still open though. That's not good. It's time for hurricane preparedness again. If we have a hurricane before I get everything prepared I'll have a fit. I can't afford a disaster right now. OK time to go back to work and figure out what my budget is for the rest of the summer as we seem to have recently lost some income.

I hope the weekend is good at least.

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